WordPress Mail Ads

NO Other Wordpress Plugin Does What WordPress Mail Ads Does.
Put YOUR Message Directly into Wordpress Emails That
People Are Almost Guaranteed To Read!

How it works

- Link to affiliate products
- Add a Follow me link for twitter/Facebook
- Link to your product faq
- Add an Upsell offer
- Add an extra newsletter sub link
- “Thanks for commenting” message
- Add a custom signature
- and many more features


Put Your Message Directly Into Untapped WordPress Emails That People Are Almost Certain To Read”

Our Email Branding Service Generates INSTANT Messages, Links, Calls to Action and Promotions In EVERY eMail That Is Sent By WordPress.


Everyone is going to open and read a WordPress email that lists their login details. NEVER AGAIN Miss out on getting your OTO or message to people who forget to opt-in to your list. WordPress Mail Ads will ensure nobody misses out.

“NO Other WordPress Plugin Does What WordPress Mail Ads Does.
Put YOUR Message Directly into WordPress Emails That
People Are Almost Guaranteed To Read!”